Meet Our Team

Sarah Bannatyne | DIRECTOR

Sarah Bannatyne - Ergo-E

Sarah Bannatyne, Director of Ergonomics Engineering, received her Master of Science (MSc) degree in Ergonomics from Rhodes University in 2007. She is one of only a few Ergonomists accredited as a Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE) by the Professional Affairs Board of the Ergonomics Society of South Africa (ESSA).  In the 12 years since completing her studies she has been involved in ergonomics consultancy, research and evaluation, aimed at improving the interaction between the human and their work environment.  Her areas of specialty include anthropometry, ergonomics design, ergonomics test and evaluation and applying population specific human (man) models in computer aided design (CAD) environments.

Karen Bredenkamp | DIRECTOR and FOUNDER

Karen Bredenkamp, Director and founder of Ergonomics Engineering, received her Mechanical Engineering degree (BEng) from Stellenbosch University in 1998, and her Master of Science degree (MSc) in Medicine, Biomedical Engineering, in 2011.  Ms Bredenkamp has worked as an ergonomics consultant for over 18 years.  From 2000 to 2005 she worked as a Mechanical Engineer where she specialised in ergonomics test and evaluation of environmental stressors (noise, vibration and temperature), biomechanics research and its application for design, as well as traditional and three-dimensional (3D) anthropometry (human body size and shape variation) research, data collection and implementation for design.  During this time, she furthermore provided ergonomics consultation services to the military as well as commercial clients in ergonomics design, and test and evaluation.  From 2006 to 2016 Ms Bredenkamp was promoted to Chief Engineer, where she managed the equipment, test and evaluation division.  During this time, she was responsible for overseeing and ensuring quality of all ergonomics test and evaluation work as well as training several junior ergonomists and technicians.  She furthermore continued ergonomics consultation work in her specialist domains including anthropometry, biomechanics, test and evaluation of environmental stressors (noise, vibration, temperature, toxicology and lighting), ergonomics inputs for equipment, workstation and process design, as well as product evaluation in military as well as commercial industries. In 2016 she continued to practice as an Ergonomics Engineer when she founded Ergonomics Engineering.

Ergonomics Engineering (Pty) Ltd is a Level Four B-BBEE contributor, with 100% B-BBEE procurement recognition and is registered on the Central Supplier Database (CSD) of the National Treasury Department of the South African Government.