We provide a value-added service in the area of ergonomics design and dynamic human modelling. We make use of the Siemens Jack® Human Modelling and simulation software, an internationally recognised ergonomics software tool.

The Siemens Jack® human modelling and simulation software is a dynamic human modelling programme which provides accurate and reliable information on human interactions in their work environment.  Jack® uses custom or population specific human models, therefore allowing for reliable and accurate information to be provided during the design phase of any project.  As a result, costly re-design phases are eliminated or reduced.  The capabilities of Jack® include:

  1. Creating and visualizing human models,
  2. Human vision and reach envelopes,
  3. Hand, arm and body clearances,
  4. Fatigue analysis,
  5. Injury risk analysis,
  6. Manual materials handling (MMH) analysis,
  7. Comfort analysis,
  8. Posture prediction and posture analysis,
  9. Field of view analysis (including obscuration, reflection and coverage zones).

The benefits of performing human modelling analysis using the Siemens Jack® software include:

  1. Accurate analysis of human factors,
  2. Early identification of design shortcomings,
  3. Significant cost and time savings,
  4. Safe and ergonomically designed workplaces,
  5. Human-centered designs,
  6. The software can be populated with customised or population specific anthropometric data.

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