Download the Ergonomics Regulations here

Ergonomics Regulations, which form part of the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act (85 of 1993) were published in December 2019, thereby legislating ergonomics in South Africa.  This means that, by law, you need to comply with the Regulations.

The Regulations will affect:

  1. Any employer or self-employed person who MAY expose any person to ergonomics risks in the workplace and
  2. Any person who designs, manufactures, supplies or imports machinery, plant or work systems for use at a workplace.

These Regulations require that:

  1. All employees are trained on various ergonomics aspects
  2. A workplace ergonomics risk assessment must be conducted and an ergonomics programme implemented (no specific risk assessment type is stipulated, but it must be relevant to your business)
  3. Ergonomics is considered in all steps of the design, supply and manufacturing life cycle (including design, installation, transporting, operation, maintenance and decommissioning stages).
  4. Medical surveillance is conducted and records are kept


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