Ergonomics Engineering conducts ergonomics training through the presentation of short courses,  awareness talks and wellness days.

Ergonomics training courses can be customised to any work environment. On-site and off-site training is available.

Ergonomics Engineering currently offers the following  courses:

  1. Introduction to Ergonomics: 1 day

  2. Introduction to the Ergonomics Regulations (NEW): 1 day

  3. Ergonomics Risk Assessments: 1 day

  4. Office ergonomics: 1 day

  5. Application of Anthropometry in design: 1 day

These courses and are aimed at broadening ergonomics awareness amongst the following groups:

  1. University students studying in related fields (such as Engineering, Design, Industrial Psychology and others),
  2. Employers/employees in both industrial and business workplaces,
  3. General public,
  4. Schools,
  5. Corporates.

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