Don’t Let Your Workspace Be A Pain In The Neck…Office Ergonomics made easy! 

Anyone working in an office environment should be confident that they are working in an environment that is without risk of injury, pain or discomfort.  This is where we come in….Our office ergonomics services aim to assess and optimise your workspace through professional, reliable and objective assessments.

Our services include:

  1. Ergonomics office assessments.
  2. Identification of high-risk workstations and tasks.
  3. Ergonomics risk profiles for individual employees.
  4. Compliance and suitability of implemented office furniture and equipment.
  5. Efficiency and effectiveness of space utilization (including workflow and functional layout).
  6. Professional, hands on, advice on the correct setup of your home or office workstation.
  7. Professional analysis of your workstation to ensure it is designed to minimise injury and maximise productivity.
  8. Ambient office lighting, temperature and noise evaluations.

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